Shopify takes 2 months to submit chargeback response

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I've been using Shopify a long time and never have they taken 2 months to send a Chargeback response to a customer's bank.


I just submitted evidence on a Chargeback and it states they will submit the response to customer on Feb. 7, 2024. The is insanely long and I've never waited that long for a dispute to be resolved. 


There was another dispute that was resolved in my favor and this was many month ago and it just got resolved and money returned to me this month! I completely forgot about the dispute until tonight after checking and never noticed the money was returned to me.


Is this just my store or is this something new with Shopify, because making businesses wait that long for resolutions especially on high ticketed orders is extensive.


This was submitted tonight on 12/31/23.


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Hi, I believe this lag time is implented on purpose as you may have more data to submit before the Credit Card requires a response and it submits at the latest time required.


Different Credit Cards like Visa, Discover, AMEX, etc have different required response times.


Lets say hypothetically (this may not have anything to do with your situation), the chargeback is for item is not received:


The package gets marked as delivered via the tracking AFTER the chargeback repsonse is submitted by you and shopify and reviewed by the Credit Card. You would 100% lose the chargeback. But if the chargeback reponse waited till the deadline and the tracking was marked as delivered already, you would have a much better chance at a positive resolution for you.

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I'm in the same boat, had a chargeback filed on Dec 23. I just entered my supporting docs and information and it says it will be sent to the bank on January 31, and I can update or change it until then. This is ridiculous since the customer got her $ back and I'm sitting here with product unpaid for and having to prove my side.