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ShopPay not redirecting to my custom domain after payment

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I'm seeing an issue where the Shop Pay module is not redirecting to my custom domain, after a transaction has been completed.

Here's my flow:

1 ) Headless website (using Storefront API)
Located at:


2 ) Custom domain for Shopify checkout
Located at:


3 ) Payment through ShopPay
Located at:


4 ) Order confirmation (this should redirect back to
Redirected to:



Are you aware of this issue or is there any way to fix this through my settings in Shopify?

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I've had the same issue and can effect attribution. Would be great if the redirect respected the custom domain url. 

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Hey there! Having the same issue and still waiting to hear from Shopify support on this problem. We are going to try client-side redirects but I don't think it will work

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Shopify support gave us the answer:


> By directing a subdomain to Shopify, and updating Storefront API requests to be made against that subdomain, it ensures the entire web checkout flow remains on that subdomain right through to the checkout thank-you page.


So make sure the destination of your checkoutCreate mutation is your custom checkout domain (