Showing Only local pickup option at checkout with predefined addresses

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What I want to do at checkout is giving my customers only a list with predefined addresses where they can pick up their order. 

Is there an easy way to set this up? It seems that even external apps can't really fix this...

Workaround at the moment is to add a link to a form in the Order Confirmation email & page; but this is complicated.

Anyone can help?

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Hey Liesbeth!

Have you checked out Store Pickup + Delivery by Zapiet?  Their support team is excellent and I'm sure would be able to answer any questions you have.




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Liesbeth, I was curious if you ever found a workaround for this? I too am trying to build a store with local pick up only, NO shipping. Thanks!

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only local pickup is now an option.  You have to add it as one of your shipping zones.

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Can you share how you did this and if it's working well for you? Also trying to offer local pick-up only here!

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Hi there,

I am really sorry for the delay in responding - we have only just seen a number of mentions on the forum, going forwards we will get a notification for forum posts and respond much quicker. 

@Joel-Reeds thank you for the recommendation! @Liesbeth_Herman hopefully you have already been able to find the idea app for your store, but if not Store Pickup + Delivery offers the ability to show your pickup locations on the cart page and prefill the information page with the address from the store the customer selects. We have a huge range of other features including Slot Limits and Per Product Preparation Times - we also now offer free onboarding sessions with one of our team so setting up the app is easier than ever before. 

If you need any more assistance or information you can email us at, you can also start a live chat via the Support tab in the Store Pickup + Delivery app or by visiting

Take care,