Solution for Tracking Inventory Across Multiple Sales Channels & Sorting Bulk Deposits?

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I am a manufacturer and e-commerce retailer looking for a service that:

1. Tracks real time inventory across: Shopify, Etsy, Reverb, Amazon, Quickbooks Online, etc.

2. Breaks down bulk deposits (from Shopify, Etsy, etc) back into individual sales in my Quickbooks.

Webgility claimed to be able to do both but we have never gotten inventory to sync properly. We also tried Orderhive. It was a nightmare. I wanted to try TradeGecko but it was acquired by Quickbooks and now they are not accepting new accounts.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 

--- Chris 

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Hey Chris, I'm one of the people behind SKUSavvy, which might be what you are looking for. It's a warehouse and inventory manager with order fulfillment and shipping built-in to be a modern version of the classic WMS out there which is made specifically to Shopify.

To you points:

  1. Tracks real-time inventory: yes, it will track orders/inventory across platforms (all, except Reverb currently) with central visibility into the position of items within the warehouse on a visual layout
  2. We would hold individual orders information to sync back up to Quickbooks, however, the breaking down of orders on Shopify would likely be a Quickbooks App specifically. We can do UOM and kitting for breaking down orders that way. 

Likely can make something happen, let's jump on a call if you'd be open to discussing further -

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Thanks for your response.

I am looking for a service that will cover both my aforementioned inventory and bulk payment sorting needs. I would love to hear from business owners who are already using a product that does this. 


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Hi @Chris_Hughes1,

I have a suggestion for you. I can see that you are ready to welcome a platform that can handle track inventory across all platforms and also managing the split-ups of deposits from multi-channel. OMS can also be handled from the system itself after integrating all the platforms you are using. I am talking about a system that is Open-source ERP such as Odoo ERP. I am suggesting one of the solutions that can be the best fit for the requirements you mentioned if handled by the right individuals.


An expert team can customize the Odoo to integrate all the platforms onto a single system, for synchronization and funnel up the data for exchange. You just need to customize Odoo as per your workflow and requirements. Along with Inventory management, Odoo has features for all enterprise needs like Order management, Accounting/Finance, and more. For a sample, here is the solution for Odoo + Shopify store for WMS and Order fulfillment.


Odoo can be customized to integrate with all the platforms you are currently using, and also if you plan to retire the platform and migrate onto Odoo, it can be the right path too. Here is the LINK for Odoo and Quickbooks comparison. If you are going for Odoo, just make sure to choose the right team for customization and integration. Just search for 'Hire Odoo Consultant' on searching platforms and choose your expert team.


Let me know if this interests you.