Some customers in the same locations can't complete checkout, stating no shipping to their location

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I'm having an issue with my stores checkout process, it appears to be random.

I have customers living in the same location, where one can check out no problem and the other can't, getting a message stating I do not ship to their location?

Last shop update I had was a real pain as I had many customers missing out on items they had in their cart as they kept getting the message and couldn't complete checkout.

Would love some advice on how I can rectify this so it doesn't happen for my next shop update.

Many thanks

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Hey, @claybeehive

Tira here to help.

Thanks for taking the time to write out these details, this is helpful. It sounds like you made an update to your shop, and there is one location you’re trying to ship to, but one of your customers can’t check out, and another can. Is that right?

If that is, I would love to test this on your store to see how I can help. 

Here are some questions to get us started:
- What is the link to the product?
- What location is your customer trying to check out from? I can add the product to your checkout and try to get the shipping information to appear at checkout.
- What kind of update did you make to your shop? 

Once I have this information I can test this on your store. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Tira, thanks for your suggestions. I need to provide you with more information. The way my shop works is I update my store with one off handmade ceramics, I announce a date when the shop will be restocked and my customers know to come online at a particular time and date. It gets very busy within the first few hours and most of my pieces I added are sold within that time. So I don't have any particular customers with their products (which is often multiple) and their shipping destinations I can provide as examples where the transactions weren't successful.

I had many messaging me saying they were trying to check out but the process wasn't working for them saying I don't ship to their location. I'm based in Australia and use our local post system but have set up the checkout based by weights. I think there were at least 15-20 instances that I know of where people couldn't check out that last update.

Hopefully you can help me work it out as as you can imagine it was a very stressful time. Please let me know if I can provide you with any additional information. Thank you