Some Customers need to pay by Order Number or Purchase Order.

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I need to have "Payment by Purchase Order" as a payment option. 

We deal mainly with B2C direct customers, however we also deal with a lot of schools and government agencies who prefer to place an order with a Purchase Order Number which we fulfill the order and then invoice them for payment. 

Is there any better option than adding a Manual Payment for us to offer the customer the option of adding a Purchase Order Number and/or uploading a Purchase Order as a form of payment when they submit their order? 


I am ready to transition from BigCommerce to Shopify and this is one of the main issues we currently have where for example a school will call to ask about ordering with a purchase order rather than paying by credit card - they then have to email us the details and we manually create their order and enter their details as a Manual Payment. Obviously sending them an invoice is then manually done in our Xero software. 

If this was already an option in our checkout the order would have already been placed which we can complete easily. We don't know how many orders we are missing without it as schools and government agencies are having to take the extra step to contact us directly. 


Thanks for any feedback or suggestions. 

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