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Split Cart and Split Shipping Rates on Checkout

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We are a Multi-vendor Marketplace on Shopify with Multi inventory locations, customer needs to see what shipping cost they are paying for each Inventory/vendor on Cart and Checkout stage, so here what is required and this should really should've been there by default: 


1- Since you can set products by Vendor out of the box in Shopify , we need to be able to create shipping rates for each vendor's products separately and be able to show this on checkout as oppose to just calculate all shipping rates together under one name "Shipping" which is totally inadequate when buying from a Multi-vendor website because customers NEED to know how much each vendor charges for shipping and how long is the delivery time for each vendor's products.


2- Separate the Cart items by vendor since we have a multi location inventory, so cart will NEED to show each vendor's products separately with each vendor's shipping cost and delivery time, i.e :


1st line- Oberlo products delivery time and cost 


2nd line: in house inventory delivery time and cost 


3rd line: supplier X products delivery time and cost



This should have been set by default since Shopify already allows to have multi locations and Multi vendors


This is a VERY pressing issue that we are currently facing, and it's affecting our conversion rate, while spending a lot on ads at the moment, to a point where we are thinking whether Shopify is still the right choice for our business model.


Please Advise ASAP


With thanks 


A Louhichi

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I have this problem too... Have you resolved it? @moomenn