Split payment for admin draft orders- cash/card

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First off, we do not have a brick and mortar store. We do offer web orders, but this question pertains to phone orders, and mail orders. Once in awhile we have situations like phone orders that include a gift card, or mail orders that use a store credit because of an addition error on their previous order. Currently, the only way that I am aware of, is to use the DISCOUNT box to adjust their total. Unfortunately, that changes any applicable tax, as well as the shipping if it was based on order value. You have no option to adjust how much is charged to someone's credit card either, it's either all of it or none of it. Is there any way to accept a partial payment "outside Shopify" and then be able to charge the rest?

We don't us POS since we never actually have customers swiping their cards, just the backend draft order page to create these orders.

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