Split Shipments / Partial Capture

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Our store (yakima.com) fulfills orders from two warehouses using some custom splitting logic, and our accounting department requires that payments are captured on the day that the order (or partial order) was shipped.  We've been able to meet this requirement in the past by using a payment gateway (Payeezy) that allows a single authorization to be partially captured without burning the authorization.  So for example a customer orders two products, one of which ($40) is in stock at Warehouse 1 and the other ($60) is at Warehouse 2, we split the order into two parts and Warehouse 1 fulfills the first part on Monday, so we capture $40 and mark the order as Partially Paid.  The next day Warehouse 2 fulfills their part and we capture the remaining $60, and mark the order as Fully Paid.  This worked fine for the last three years, until last week when we were informed that Payeezy is being sunsetted and we were forced to migrate to Clover, which does not allow partial captures of a single authorization.  So I have a few questions that hopefully someone can help with:


1. Does anyone else have similar business requirements, and have you found another payment gateway that allows multiple captures of a single authorization?

2. Is there a plugin or script that could be used to create multiple authorizations for a single order?

3. Authorize.Net CIM is a possibility, but we'd prefer to switch to Shopify Payments and save the third party fees.  Does Shopify Payments offer a similar method to reauthorize a payment after the original authorization has been burned?


Thanks in advance


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