Splitting into two seperate orders at checkout

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Hey guys,

I've got a bit of an issue with my store basically we sell two main type of products:

Custom Gaming Pcs - The delivery options for these are for example Express Build Time & Delivery £30.

Normal products that follow the same shipping structure - Standard, Express and free shipping x amount


The only problem is when someone adds a custom gaming PC to the checkout and another item for example a laptop, it cannot combine shipping rates. Is there anyway around this? The only thing I can think off is if there is an app that at checkout it would split it into two seperate orders, so the customer can select shipping for one of those orders.


This is what happens currently - 



This is for a Custom Gaming PC



This is for a normal item such as a laptop :



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First, you could simply create a new Location in your Shopify settings, and, stock the computer item at it.  Then, Shopify will stack the shipping rates at checkout for a mixed cart.

Second is to create a separate Shipping Profile for the computer item - again the rates [should] stack at checkout for a mixed cart.

Third (if adding a location or shipping profile negatively affects other things) is to simply add to the price of the computer to cover the extra handling you provide, and, use an App like SplitOrder to have the computer automatically split into a separate fulfillment request if the cart is mixed.


Disclaimer, we are the creators of SplitOrder!

Anyway, hope that helps




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Hi @Anonymous ,

Did you find a solution to this? If not, please take a look at Order Fulfillment Guru. In your case, you can configure the app to route Gaming PC and Laptop differently.  In addition, here are some key features that you mind find useful:



- Split & auto-assign orders to locations & fulfillment partners based on advanced rules
- Automatically split & route orders to warehouses & partners
- Sync products, inventory, and orders between Shopify stores
- Built exclusively for Shopify, so you can use Shopify instead of a learning new platform