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Staff Purchases at Cost

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Hi, we run a store that we will soon be migrating to Shopify.


As one of our perks to our staff we allow them to purchase products at cost price and currently we have to manually invoice them and manually remove stock which is tedious. I'm hoping there is a way to provide a code, or staff log in, that allows them to make purchases on Shopify at the cost price of items. 


Is this possible please?

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Yes, it's possible to provide your staffs with a discount code. Reference here

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Thanks for your reply.


To confirm, I'm not looking to prove a % discount like I would for customers. I am looking for a way that staff can buy at cost price 


For example lets say I have the following products;


Product 1 (Cost per item £80, Sell price £100)

Product 2 (Cost per item £50, Sell Price £90)

Product 3 (Cost per item £45, Sell Price £50)


I'm looking for a way staff members can purchase at the Cost per item price, not the sell price.



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Hello @Meady,


Yes, you can set up a discount code that allows your staff to purchase products at the cost price. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Discounts" in the Shopify admin and click on "Create discount".



  2. In the "Discount type" list menu, select "Amount off products".



  3. In the "Value" field, set Fixed Amount and enter the Amount For example, if the cost price of the product is £100 and you want to offer it as £80 set value as £20,



  4. Click on "Save" to create the discount code.

  5. Provide your staff with the discount code and instruct them to enter it at checkout to purchase products at the cost price.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


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Thanks that's helpful to know but not quite what I was after. 


I was hoping it would be possible for this to be automatic, we have 100s of products so I wanted staff to be able to add their products to basket, apply a discount and Shopify automatically discount all the products in basket down to the cost price. 


Maybe this isn't possible?