Standard Shipping Rate on Multiple Suppliers

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Hi I'm working for a client, He is using multiple dropshippers for Print on Demand Products. Like Printify and Apliiq. He wants to set up a standard shipping rate on total amount at the checkout.
Lets say 2 products are added from both supplier. 1 is from Apliiq and other 1 is from Printify. Now he wants the shipping rate to be charged 5$ but when we add these 2 products to the cart shipping rate is charged 10$. I've tried creating a manual shipping profile to setup a fix shipping rate on the products. But still the issue presists. I really need to find a solution to fix this. Please help me!!

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I have the same issue but I want to charge the customer what it costs me but when I have an item from both suppliers, it can’t calculate it and just gives me an error. I just want to add them together like you say yours is working - how did you achieve that.  The support says the only solution is to use advanced shipping app


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