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Hi Everyone,

I have been able to setup a custom private app to inject script to a Shopify page. I can attach this using a script tag but this does not flow through to checkout. I understand that changes to the checkout page is heavily restricted but there are 3rd party apps that does this so it must be possible.


Specifically, I want my private app to be able to show/hide payment methods based on a set criteria.


Is this a possibility? We really need to get this working.


This is the sort of code I received from the web using c# and ASP .NET Core is below:



    public async Task<IActionResult> HidePaymentMethod(string checkoutId, string paymentMethodId)
      // Fetch access token and Shopify API base URL from app settings
      var shopifyApiBaseUrl = _configuration["Shopify:ApiBaseUrl"];
      var accessToken = _configuration["Shopify:AccessToken"];

      var service = new ShopifyPaymentMethodsService(shopifyApiBaseUrl, accessToken);
      await service.HidePaymentMethod(checkoutId, paymentMethodId);

      return RedirectToAction("Index", "Checkout");



We would really appreciate a solution on this.

Thanks - James




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