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Still allowing incoming orders even when it is not set to 'continue selling when out of stock'

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Hi is anyone else having this issue?

We have a product set to track inventory. And if it goes to 0 - theoretically should not allow customers still place an order for this. 

And we made sure not to select 'continue selling when out of stock' but it still let 3 orders go through even tho the inventory was 0 (it should say sold out instead and not allow customers to order).

Anyone else having this issue or know how to resolve this so it won't keep having the inventory go negative and then we have to refund the customer!

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I've seen this happen where someone is in an abandoned cart sequence. It's as if the system thinks they have the stock held even though they don't.

The work around I've used are:

1. Create a URL redirect to the category. Then is anyone goes to the page they won't be able to buy. Then when you re-stock it has to be undone again; or

2. Update the title to read OUT OF STOCK, SHIPPING FROM <DATE>. Again not ideal and won't stop people from buying, but it's less work to unwind.

Both are annoying workarounds, but depending on how much of a problem it is for you when products oversell, they might be helpful.