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We sell for an individual artist and produce new art books a few times a year.  We do not have retail locations but we do have multiple stock locations:

-Main Office

-Garage storage

-Offsite storage 1 (cooled)

-Offsite storage 2 (receiving and items that do not need temp control)

We have an online store and we also run Kickstarters about 1-3 times a year; whenever a new book is printed.  We currently have Shopify with multiple locations set up and that works well for stock at locations. 

Here is our problem:

When we run a Kickstarter we generally offer some of the store items for sale.  We need to reserve those items as I cannot take them away from Kickstarter once the project is live and we also offer them as add ons they can purchase during post campaign surveys using Backerkit.  We thought about creating another location for Kickstarter (we can have 5 locations for free), but here is the problem:

  1. If I switch the inventory to show "Kickstarter" I now do not know where the physical inventory actually is
  2. If I use "inventory transfer" it is tedious as I have to do each product 1 at a time and when I tested it, the inventory was still showing as active at the old location
    (i.e., I did a transfer from Offsite #2 to Kickstarter and it showed 14 on the way to Kickstarter and 14 still in inventory Offsite#2.  Even when I accepted the inventory as arriving to Kickstarter is showed 14 at both locations (Is this a glitch or maybe I did something wrong?  I would think the point of the transfer was the - transfer)

  3. Inventory transfer could work, but each item would have to be done manually for (1) transfer then (2) reducing available stock.
  4. I thought about using a fake order then the reserve feature.  While this reserves the inventory and won't let anyone purchase online it does not do anything with the available stock so if someone goes back end to check stock they will see 14 at Offisite #2 and could mistakenly manually reduce the inventory and send product out (without creating an order). 

Is there a solution for this that is inexpensive and doesn't require a pro account?

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