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Stop merging different shipping profiles?

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I can't believe this isn't a shopify feature. It's super annoying, bad UX and absolutely pillages sale opportunity with customers.

Has anyone figured out a way to charge just one certain rate for an order if 2 products from 2 different shipping profiles are in the same cart?

Eg - Standard shipping for product A from shipping profile A is $5 and standard shipping for product B from shipping profile B is also $5 - it comes out to $10 shipping.

But since they can be easily added into the same package, I'm looking to charge just ONE $5 standard shipping fee/whichever option is higher instead of adding them together.

Is there a fix to this or a recommended app to deal with this? Honestly this should be a native shopify feature, I can't think of why it wouldn't be.

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Hi @Cowfee_Art,

Unfortunately, this is a limitation with the Profiles feature as it is intended to simply combine rates from multiple Profiles into a single rate. The only way to charge a single fee is to have all products - or in this case, the 2 products in question -  in the same Profile, however this might not be feasible for every cart scenario.

If that solution isn't feasible, and if you're open to using a third-party option, Intuitive Shipping lets you create multiple rules-based Scenarios so you always charge exactly what you want for every situation. Our Scenarios work similarly to Profiles, but they give you more control and flexibility. Product-based Scenarios can then be linked to a Combined Shipping Method which can blend rates in different ways (sum, average, highest value, lowest value). Just to be clear: our system doesn't change the flat rates dynamically because of the products. You do need to set up Scenarios based on different product mixes if required -- i.e if products A and B, Rate X; if products B and C, Rate Y; if products A and C, Rate Z; and so on...

Intuitive Shipping is intended to work with just one Profile, so we do encourage you to move all products into a General Profile if you decide to try our app. Scenarios work just like Profiles. You can install Intuitive Shipping and try us out in Testing Mode for free to make sure it's a good fit for your store. And if you'd like more information, you can book a live demo with one of our team members.

Please note: when using any third-party rate calculator, including Intuitive Shipping, Shopify requires you to have their Carrier-calculated Rates feature enabled. If you're on either the 'Basic' or 'Shopify' plan, this feature costs USD $20/ month. If you switch to annual billing, Shopify will include the feature at no extra cost and give you 10% off the plan. If you're on the 'Advanced' plan or higher, the feature is already included.

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I actually have the completely opposite issue to everyone else T.T

I have 2 shipping profiles and the shipping fee is not combining at all! It'll only charge 1 shipping fee instead of combining the two together.

For example, I have a shipping profile for clothes from 1 location and another shipping profile for shoes from another location. When a clothes item & a shoes item added to cart, it will only showing the shipping rate for shoes and not combining the clothes & shoes shipping fee together. It's doing my head in T.T