Store Pickup for orders with inventory split between two stores

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I have purchased some warehouse space and am wanting to create my warehouse as a separate location for inventory management purposes. Thus some items will be available in my physical store only and some in warehouse only, but all available online. When a customer purchases an online order and happens to choose an item from the store & another that's only in the warehouse, store pickup option no longer shows up for them. This is the case whether I have store pickup enabled at the warehouse location or whether I have it disabled. It only wants to allow shipping. Anyone having this issue / know how to solve? 

It DOES seem to combine shipping when shipping is enabled from store but not from warehouse; it will ship both from store. One "workaround" that might work would be creating a free shipping method and naming it "Store Pickup" however this causes tax collection complications. My store is located on a state line and many of my local pickup customers mailing addresses are consequently out of state. With my state's tax laws, I don't have to collect tax for order shipped out of state. But because this would be a workaround where in reality they DID pick up at store, it'd be a huge tax nightmare if I were to be audited and not actually have collected tax on those orders that were actually picked up from my store. So that workaround doesn't work 😞 Ugh

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You'll need an app to sync or pool your inventory as one total inventory.

If it needs to also have more custom business rules automation apps like usemechanic can be scripted to specific needs 

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