Store + warehouse locations sharing an inventory

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This may be more of a community question rather than technical but we need some guidance!! We are a brick and mortar store with an e-commerce business (one inventory). We have always pulled inventory off the sales floor as orders online come in. We just created a second location in Shopify and opened office/inventory warehouse down the street from the store. The idea is to move all shipping out of the warehouse, but we have low stock (below 6) on each product and a very high turn rate and what we are running into is this:

When printing orders to fulfill- many are split, half the order is at warehouse and half at the store. It doesn’t make sense to ship them separately since we are 2 minutes down the road and my plan was to transfer that inventory over to the warehouse once it’s pulled.. but quickly realizing this isn’t very efficient either as we will constantly be back and forth.

We are so confused on best way to move forward and part of me is thinking we need to buy for two different locations now rather than buying what we are used to and having it split between locations. Otherwise half of the inventory is hanging at the store, half at the new location.

Hoping that somebody reading this has expanded from a store to a local warehouse and has some experience or advice to offer!!! Thanks in advance.

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