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stripe acquiescence conditions

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Hi everyone,

Today, I experienced one of the most oppressing situations with one of the well-known payment gateways.

Suddenly, and based on a fake, non-existing reason, the company decided to close my account in a very threatening, non professional way, and even without any direction to correct any mistakes, if any.

I have been accused of using harmful products (contact lenses) in my store. What was really strange was that the product did not exist in the store at any stage of development. The decision is taken based on wrong data and insight, or possibly confusion with another case.

After receiving the closure decision email, I've received an explanation email, which in fact is absolutely weird business conduct! It's unfair not to have the chance to defend yourself and your credibility, meanwhile the process is not professional at all, closing the account then explaining the reason, which is actually very fake with absolute oppressing nature.

I replied to the company's email with a detailed clarification of my situation. It seems that whatever the issue, there is no chance to take a back step and review the facts. It's a kind of business ego, possibly.

Having that, I re-read the contract conditions of the company, and I found they truly acquiesced to me, with no chance to defend or claim any of your rights as a human first, and as a business partner too. There is no chance even to escalate to a higher level since there were no contacts available (only support contact). I've realized that my efforts and overall business could be at risk of closure based on a personal, non-rationalized decision, which is awful.

Thank God that such an experience happened at the start phase, before advancing further.

And the key learning lesson: Do your best to precisely select your long-term business partner, otherwise the whole story is at great risk.

Has anyone experienced a similar situation before? 

Last but not least, I have to admire Shopify business partnership. There is a huge gap between its business mentality and other company behaviors like the one I have just faced. Putting clients at focus, prioritizing business imperatives, respect, and an amazing support team are the key traits that really differentiate Shopify from any other business partner I have dealt with. Thanks, Shopify.

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