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Stripe Connect Shopify Integration

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I have an e-commerce store that rents products for a monthly fee (subscription). These products are owned by vendors (similar to a marketplace), and these vendors receive a share of the monthly fee. Are there any precedent cases/documents that help with integrating Stripe Connect onto Shopify to pay our vendors whenever a product is rented (or a monthly fee is deduced from our renters credit card)?


Thank you!



PS: Vendors do not have individual pages on our platform: we host all their products (similar to a normal e-commerce store), and we want to pay them out immediately without receiving the funds on our bank account first.

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I have recently developed a custom integration for Stripe Connect with Shopify for another merchant - it has two parts:

- A Payment gateway to accept payments through Stripe Connect;

- A system to help and distribute part of the values involved in an order - with different connected "Stripe connect" accounts;

Both were made to help my client to comply with this
If you're interested in a similar solution - please let me know here and/or book a call with me at:



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It doesn't work because Shopify Payments ITSELF is a Stripe Connect platform/account, and Connect does not allow 2 layers in that way.

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That's why I had to use the Shopify Hosted Payments SDK to make it work - and it's working 🙂

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Janjunes, I'm interested in it.


Can we book something ?

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@jantunes  Calendly isn't working, would love to connect and discuss this solution.


EDIT: Figured out calendly link:

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Hi @jantunes !

Hope you are doing well!

We are currently looking for a solution as you described: an API connecting the online shop at Shopify and Stripe Connect.

Could you please reach out to us here or at for more details about your solution?

We basically need the payment process to be happening as described by Stripe in this article:



Thanks a lot and looking forward to your reply!




EDIT: Just saw the updated link for calendly now and also reached out there. Thank you!


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Hello @jantunes 

I wish to integrate Stripe Connect API onto my shopify ecommerce website (I am from France). 

Can you please contact me on : or +33 06 59 07 19 31 

Hi users ! 

Can someone can testify if Stripe Connect integration is running well on Shopify ?

Thanks a lot 



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Hello Magali,

Did you have any answers elsewhere about the Stripe Connect integration on a Shopify store ?

Or maybe do you have found another solution ?

Many thanks for the help,


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Hi Thomas and everyone - @magalivegas @SGL @nnwebmaster @Chimanos 

unfortunately I missed your request until now - feel free to fill out this form:

and we'll contact you.

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PS: For further inquiries regarding this topic - please use the following form: