Stripe Users - Do you have "released the remaining $0.01 to the customer" while capturing payments?

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Recently Stripe sent us notification to upgrade their Payments App so we did. The new version is the same as the before with exception that Google Wallet is added to the supported payment methods - which is good. 


BUT after upgrade we noticed something strange in Stripe. We capture all payments from our customers manually in order to avoid paying refund fees if customer request to cancel after placing the order.


So, now some of the orders we capture are showing in Stripe:
$34.97 captured, and released the remaining $0.01 to the customer


Shopify is not showing any problem. In fact, they state $34.98 is captured. 

At first i put the blame on our bundle app, but then Stripe sent us notification to upgrade our other store - in US and we did and now we see the same problem there too - this are two different store with separated Stripe accounts and they don't have the same apps - the bundle one is not installed on the second store. 

So the problem must be with Stripe or Shopify. Do you guys have the same problem?






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I have the same problem and it came to my attention today. Did you find any solution?


Customers are calling me and sending me emails to find out if their orders are being shipped or cancelled.