Submit Shipping address by using google map

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I am looking for a solution where I am not given my shipping address instead of i am using Google map API so that location information is updated automatically and order placement is done. 

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Hi @curatoltd , if you want to auto-detect the shipping addresses by detecting where the customer is ordering from, I believe you could look for an app in the appstore that work as locators. However, the problem I see with this is that your customers might want to order something from a different location to another location. If what you are trying to do is to obtain the precise customer location for delivery, as if in the Latitude and Longitude Coordinates, you could use an app like Wayfinder.
1. It allows you to embed a Google Map on your cart page for your customers to pin drop their delivery locations.
2. The locations are stored in the order details when the pruchase is complete. 

It is not a replacement for checkout address fields, however, it is mostly complementary if you want to get more precise information.