Subscription product and local delivery/shipping woes

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We just launched a new Shopify store for a dog treat business. Customers can buy bags of dog and cat treats, as well as buy ongoing subscriptions of those treats. We fulfill these orders in two different ways. For anybody in our local county in NC (specified by zip codes) we offer free local delivery. For anybody else, we offer shipping. We are using the Apostle plugin for subscriptions.


Here is the problem. Initially users outside the local delivery area weren't able to select a shipping option, getting an error. Per Appstle advice, I added a new shipping zone for the entire US, but now any user in NC see's local delivery, and no shipping options.


It seems impossible to sell a subscription product and offer either zip code restricted local delivery or shipping for users outside those zip codes. The zip codes are being ignored, so anybody in the state of NC sees the Local Delivery option, which is not what we want. Only users in the specified zip codes should see that option.


I've contacted Appstle support twice but they were unable to provide a solution.


I see that Shopify Shipping just became available. Can it do everything we want?


Alternatively, do we need to create separate products for local delivery and shipping, so that only the "Dog Treats Subscription - Local Delivery" product appears to customers in the specified zip codes, and another product "Dog Treats Subscription - Shipping" that only appears to everybody else. Would this even work?


This has been such an annoying problem to troubleshoot. I don't know if this is a Shopify problem, an Appstle problem, or I'm just a dummy and need to give up.

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Can you please put some screenshots of how your shipping and local delivery is setup now? I kind of got what your problem is, but need more info to be able to offer a solution.

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Hi Sniper2804, 


Thank you for your willingness to help!


Some background information that may help. We hired somebody to setup our site, migrating from WooCommerce. It didn't go well. They chose to use the Lumia theme (currently on version 2.0.7) which I understand also now has a subscription product feature as well. Looking in the Lumia theme settings I see that we have the `Save & Subscribe` feature disabled.


We have the subscription configured in the Appstle plugin.


Here is a screenshot in Shopify of Settings > Shipping and delivery > Local delivery:


Shopify - Delivery Area.png


Here is a screenshot in Shopify of Settings > Shipping and delivery > General shipping rates > Shipping zones where we have created one shipping zone for the entire United States: 


Shopify - Shipping Zone.png



When I contacted Appstle their advice was to setup a new shipping zone for NC, which I did. They directed me to go to Appstle Subscription > Settings > General Settings > Shipping Profile - Add/Manage, then click on the "Edit on Shopify" link. This leads me to a "Manage Shipping Profile" page (which strangely I cannot navigate to from the Shopify settings). In this, under "Shipping zones", I created a new shipping zone set to only North Carolina. 


Shopify - new shipping zone for NC.png

The problem with this, however, is that now anybody in NC only sees the `Free delivery` option, which is ignoring the zip codes set in the above delivery area. My gut feeling is that a configuration in Shopify is conflicting with the configuration in Appstle. Or maybe Appstle just doesn't support this combination of a local delivery and a zip code restricted delivery area.


Let me know if there is additional information that would be helpful. And thank you again for your willingness to help this Shopify newb!