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Hi all,

We are having an issue whereby we want $59+ free shipping for orders, but then subscription orders below $40 need to be charged shipping.

Currently we have a 59+ flat rate zone, then a coupon that discounts carts with between 40-59 of subscription items with free shipping. But if you have say $50 of one-time purchases, $10 of subscription, then the original order is free shipping, which is good, but then the subscription order defaults to the lowest shipping method (free).

Can I default it somehow to the second-lowest?


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Frankly speaking you personally make the free shipping rule complicated for your clients, which might affect the potential clients conversion rates. Just make it $59 or $40 free shipping based on your cost and profits. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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@ShipAntdotcomI completely agree, it isn't my decision unfortunately to make it this way. As I think about it, ignoring the $40-59 coupon, even if it was 59+ free shipping across the board, the issue of 10 dollars of subscription items being free shipping still makes it an issue. Hence the second default option.

I'm wondering if any other shops have come up with a way to approach the mixed cart with subscription items being given free shipping. I have looked into advanced shipping apps, but they do not seem to do things subscription-specific.

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Hi @benarr , did you ever find a solution to this problem? I'm working through the same issue here