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Hi there,

I'm using Printful's POD service and I'm setting up shipping rates. Printful charges a first product shipping rate and an additional product shipping rate. They have an explanation on how to set up weight-based shipping here: However, this seems very complicated to me. I think I have found an easier way but I wanted to double check here if it's correct.

Printful automatically assigns a shipping profile to the product that includes the shipping price for the first product, for example $3,99. However, the additional product price ($1,25) is not automatically added when I add an additional product to the cart. No matter if I add 1 or 5 shirts to the cart, it'll only charge $3,99.

Here's what I did:

1. Assign an arbitrary weight of 1 kg to all products, no matter the category.

2. In the shipping profile, add prices based on weight. 1kg = $3,99, 2kg= $3,99+$1,25, etc.

3. For a different product category, such as mugs, I do the exact same thing in a new shipping profile with the correct prices for that category.

This seems to be way easier than the way Printful explains it, which is why I'm wondering if it's too good to be true? Haha.

Kind regards,


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 I'm hoping no news is good news with not having any responses to this haha. I'm currently setting mine up to do this because it sounds like a pretty decent workaround for now. Thank you for sharing!

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Hi! I actually ended up sticking with Printful’s rates and calculated the additional product shipping costs in my product price. So I make a slightly bigger profit of the first product in an order and it compensates for any additional products. Works fine for me so far! 🙂