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One of my main suppliers is asking to begin processing orders via Excel / csv files. I can't for the life of me find a good simple solution to automatically (or even manually) send them a file with the sku's they will be fulfilling.


I can of course export orders direct from Shopify, but that has way more data than needed. I am looking to be able to have a simple file with order number, customer name / address, tracking and number and likely tracking URL so this can be imported back into Shopify to fulfill orders without me manually entering info. 


If you know any reasonable solutions, let me know.

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You can use Order Automator to do stuff like this. Sounds like you have a specific need, but the app is customizable so could work. Contact with the details, explain to them what you mean by sending tracking number in the csv (I wasn't sure how to interpret that, since orders won't have tracking when created). App support will create a ticket and get back to you to see what's doable.

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Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check it out. For the tracking number I was hoping to get a blank column that could easily be filled in by the supplier. Basically just want a super basic export and import of info that is needed for them to ship, and for me to upload the tracking info in bulk. 


I'll definitely check out the app.