Syncing pre-orders with transfers

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Hi all, 

looking for anyone who may have a neat solution to a simple problem imo. 


Currently we are using a pre-order manager app with pre-order button, which requires each SKU to be entered and managed manually to enable and then disable it. As a results there's hours of work for each transfer to enable and disable each SKU manually within this app. 


Surely there's something out there that can allow pre-order button, pre-order shipment notification next to the button and pre-order quantities to be automatically synced with transfers. 

e.g. an item qty is 20 and 10 is coming (transfer entered) in on 10 of November. hence, if 20 is sold out before 10 of November pre-order button is turned out and lets customers pre-order 10 (from transfers) and notifies them that the shipment date is 10 of November (from transfers). If 10 pre-order qty is not sold out by 10 of november the button turns to out of stock unless current stock is replenished or transfer is accepted (button turns to add to cart) or transfer date updated to later date (button turns to pre-order).


this is is such a simple logically functionality that's missing here.

most of ERP's from 80's are set up that way but may be I'm too demanding having worked in big corporations....


Really appreciate anyone's thoughts here.




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Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm looking for a solution to do this same thing.