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Hi There

I have re-written the code within my theme to allow the cart button to say Pre - Order, instead of Add to cart for all of my products

I am a brand new clothing brand, and I sceenprint my own merch. I havent got a big customer base, but I plan to let my site go live soon so I can start selling. I will tell customers that pre-orders will open for 2 weeks, and then close so that I can order the blank stock, and print the items. (everything is printed to order only and it is a big part of the brand).

Basically, I am wondering what happens after the customer clicks Pre-Order, as I can't get to the next step on the website to see. Do they pay the full amount and then get a confirmation email from me with all the details saying when they can expect it etc?

I am wondering if anyone else has experience with this model as I am keen to get my website up and running in November but the Pre - Ordering & taking payment aspect is confusing me slightly. Is there a way to test it?




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