Temp hold

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I’m not sure why funds will be held and I'm

being asked for fulfill orders . I have customers waiting to receive their orders and I cannot generate labels because Shopify decided to put a hold on the payout. This makes no sense and you guys are ruining small business’s until a class actions suit is filed against you guys . I’m sure you guys take things seriously when it comes to civil complaints. Even PayPal don’t hold funds for more than a week to do their review . The fact that your risk operations team cannot generate a phone call to resolve simple issues is very pathetic. Please remove the hold on my funds so I can ship these customers orders. I sent multiple screenshots to your guys showing that the orders are being fulfilled , three of your front end team have looked into this and they clearly stated they don’t know why there’s hold on the funds. Like I said you guys will soon take this thing seriously because I know folks are going to team up to bring a class action lawsuit soon. I hope you guys freeze funds for larger companies using your platform too. My ticket ID is 35129922

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