The best fulfillment I found in China

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If your logistic center ever asked you "What kind of brand do you have? Is this a luxury brand, or do you sell lower costs products? Because the shipping needs to fit your customer's needs."
If your logistic center never asked you this question, you might want to read this post.

Before I give this super tip for the best logistics I found I would like to tell you where I am coming from. If you faced the same issues you will understand why I am happy with this one. If you did not start you working with one might avoid some of the mistakes I did.

I remember when I start working with the fulfillment companies in China.
I first started with China Division, it was a nightmare!
Much sleepless night and call in the middle of the night with china division trying to get my goods shipped, sometimes even waiting for a whole for my orders to be processed. China Division was uncomplicated.

After that, I moved to SPNS, we work with more than about 2 years.
They had good prices and they shipped my orders very quickly. I was satisfied. Until the nightmare started. I must say that SPSN is not a company in the sense that we know companies. Companies have procedures and guidelines. Well, SPNS ( or Victor ) changes his mind and agreements as it pleases him. It does not matter which agreement you have with him. If he thinks it does not suits him anymore, he will just change the agreement at the minute he wants.

And what if you don´t agree with his new agreement?
He will tell you, that you have 5 days to take you stock out of his warehouse or it will be destroyed.
Yeah, you become hostage from your warehouse. And your stock becomes a weapon to blackmail you to do what he wants. He will offend you and your company trying to make you feel miserable and ask to stay.
As our sales grew it became our worst nightmare. Because SPNS was not ready to grow with us. Our customer satisfaction went from 100 to 0. We spent so many hours trying to fix the mess they made with the orders, incomplete orders, wrong sizes shipped, wrong colors, and so on.
Nevertheless, we left SPNS and it was a war.
In the end, he kept our Masks stock we bought to support hospitals in need of the pandemic. After that, we realize that SPNS was shipping normal and charging for some parcels Express. You know, that old trick to make more money on your back!
Yeah, this is the kind of "Company" you might work with.

So we left SPNS and we stay about 3 weeks without a logistics center. We informed our clients we were exchanging warehouses and we offered a gift if they decided to wait and keep their order. We asked our factories to get our stock back and keep them until we find a new logistic. Because communication with SPNS was no longer possible so we asked our factories to back up us on this issue.

After a few days later we found Jyl Express.
Lee contacted us through the Shopify blog.
I must confess that Lee is very careful with a new partnership.
We wrote many emails and we set up a call.
But that call with Lee changed everything.
He first wanted to know what kind of Brand I was. He was very focused on the best shipping method for my customers.
He asked me: "What kind of brand do you have? Is this a luxury brand, or do you sell lower costs products? Because the shipping needs to fit your customer's needs. How do you want your customers to feel about your fulfillment? Because this is part of your marketing, shipping is an extension of your brand. It was music to my ears!
We discussed the problems I was facing with my previous logistics and he offered to create guidelines on how to deal with these problems in the feature. I could not believe, I was talking to a logistics center in China!
I never had in 3 years working with logistics in China having someone asking about the expectations of my customers towards the service that I provide.
I can explain my projects to Lee, I can tell him my goals and he is open to help me achieve my goals. He knows and he cares about my customers and reputation that it makes me feel ahead of my competitors.
I must confess, that being burned so many times in the past makes you very careful with companies you might work in the future. And I was skeptical because Jyl Express does not have a website or fancy things to show off.
But why did I decided to work with Jyl Express? After my call with Lee, I found out that he is one of the sources of the shipments in Shenzhen. It means he is doing the logistics for big companies and now he is starting his own fulfillment business. He has the structure of fulfillment, barcode scanner, warehouse, and shipping methods. It means that his quotes for shipping are extremely competitive, not to name prices here.

Jyl Express is starting and I am not sure how many new clients they can take for the fulfillment service. But if you are unhappy with yours, you might contact him and check the difference between your current logistics and his.

He offers:
Barcode Scanner, to avoid human mistakes on the shipping
Shipping methods to fit your customer's needs
Integration to Shopify
He knows what status report, forecast and goals mean.
He clarifies all possible issues and how to solve them before taking you as a client. So there is no misunderstanding or false promises working together.

You can tell him, you got the suggestion from Marcos from 4 Hunks and he will know what kind of service you are looking for or just email him.

PS. Today I had a call with him explaining my new project and telling him that the sales might slow down because I am making some changes to my business because I think in the long run this will be the best option for my business. And he told me when you get everything ready, please send me your brief for your project and we will work on the best shipping method to fit your project needs.
He does not pressure me, he let me think and take the time to find the best decisions for my business and he supports me and consults me on my decisions.

Let´s see the other logistics top that service now!

His email is:
Name is: Lee

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Hello there,

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