The site puts me in a loop when using PayPal at check out

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One of the customers asked "I tried using the site, but it puts me in a loop. I tried 3 times. I hit PayPal, then it starts over. What's up?"

So what's the problem and how should we help him to solve it?

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Hi, @Woody21,

Hank here from Shopify.

Are there multiple customers reporting this issue, or can you see this on your end? Or is it a case it is only happening with this one customer?

If just isolated to the one, the most common reason is that this customer is experiencing a localized issue, such as the browser or device they are currently using. What I'd recommend asking the customer (if only one person is affected) is if they can try opening the website using incognito mode to see if this works? If it does, then you can advise them to try clearing their cache as the issue is related to their browser. Another option could be to try a different browser or a different device to see if the order can be processed this way also.

The way the PayPal workflow processes is once the order is added to the cart, and then once the customer chooses PayPal as the payment gateway, they are taken to the PayPal website to confirm. Once they enter their PayPal information and confirm, they are then routed back to their cart with the order now confirmed. This process can get interrupted if the website is closed at any point, or if the PayPal information is not entered correctly.

Do you see any information or error messages within the abandoned checkout section of your admin relating to this order? Or as it relates to the PayPal gateway, I would recommend contacting them to see if they can offer any insight into a possible issue if the above suggestions do not offer a resolution.

Let me know how you get on, and I'll happily assist you further.

All the best,


Hank | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Hank, 

We have the same issue for the last 4 months. 

Multiple customers, multiple browsers, phone and desktop. 

Are there any know fixes for this? 



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Hi, @BlauesWunder !

Thanks for reaching back out on this.

Are you able to elaborate a bit on how often this occurs? It could simply be that there are a couple customers who need to update their browsers, clear their cache etc.

Also, as Griff had touched on in a previous reply, are you seeing any information or error messages within the abandoned checkout section of your admin relating to any of these orders? As the PayPal gateway is developed by a third party, I would definitely recommend contacting them directly to see if they can provide you with some guidance.

Warm regards

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We are experiencing the same issue. Very sad and disappointing is that the shopify support is not willing or capable to solve it. They just don't care that this issue is killing our conversion rate! Really a joke! Has anyone a solution? Switching from Shopify Payment to another Payment provider? Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul, 

It is a super frustrating problem and Shopify are useless with the support. Sadly I can't remember exactly what we did to fix it, but I can remember the problem was directly related to using subdomains for our translation app (Weglot) In short when you were on the english subdomain and paid with Paypal, the Paypal window tried to open in the non subdomain version of the website and hence caused the loop. 

What fixed it for us was removing the subdomain translation feature (bad for SEO...) and sticking to in browser translations. 

Hope this helps!