The Unexpected Shopify-Plan fiasco

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My name is Ricard0.

A couple of months ago me and my friends decided we wanted to be businessmen. My not very intellectually gifted friend decided we should get 3 months free of the most expensive plan one could possibly fathom and decided to not change the plan once the free trial ended- 

Furthermore, we all collectively ignored all the payment procedures as we worked on our store- blissfully unaware of what was to come- until a fateful day finally struck we had not forseen because all 3 of us are st*pid. It came upon us like the thunder of Zeus with all his might, our shopify store had been temporarily frozen. 

With no means to change the plan with all the features which we haven't even made use of - we now found ourselves in a bit of a pickle.


According to our 'shopify-debt' we owe 800 euro (for last month and this month too as of a few days ago). We are brokies- we have no jobs and no money, for we are college students :(. 


My question is- Is there anyway we can change the plan without paying a half k euros?

If not- is there a way we can get the payment as refund and consequently choose a different plan to better spend that cash? we didnt use any of the features  of the advanced plan.


Please Help we do not want to loose the store we worked months on.


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