This is BS they have refused to allow me to refund a customer payment for over two weeks

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They have also not sent the payout to me.  Never had a chargeback on my account.  I bill the same 3 customers to their same three credit cards. NEVER a problem. Ran a payment for less than $400.00 I was given a date the payout would be sent to me.  Woke up that day, payment was not in my bank account.  Logged in and was informed by a message my account was under a "standard review".  Nobody ever reached out to me.  I had to reach out to them. What a joke.  Took them 4 days to write back.  Gave them the info they wanted.  Now that was two weeks ago. I have sent a dozen emails.  Haven't gotten a single response.  Told them at this point I just want to refund my customer and close my account because I dont like their grimy way of holding my money and everyone else's to earn interest.  They could have requested everything they wanted months ago.  Instead they choose to do it when they can hold up the operating income of small businesses whose life and death revolves around access to it so shopify can profit off the interest and its disgusting (and yes I made a complaint to the FTC and PA DEPT OF BANKING) over this practice. Also shopify had a notice to contact stripe payments over this which I did and when I did so Stripe emailed me back and said in no uncertain terms that shopify is full of crap that stripe has absolutely ZERO ISSUE WITH MY ACCOUNT AND THAT SHOPIFY IF THE REASON THE MONEY HASN'T BEEN SENT TO MY BANK ACCOUNT AS WELL AS THE REASON IVE BEEN UNABLE TO REFUND MY CUSTOMER.  SHOPIFY SO FAR AS I AM CONCERNED HAS STOLEN $400..... THEY HAVE ZERO CLAIM TO IT...  IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM THEIRS.  Also if you go into my payment history it reflects the order in question shows $0.00. Why is that???????  The order was $387.74. It says $387.74 is refundable.  When I enter that amount and enter refund it says my account is not allowed to issue refunds.  All of my previous orders still show the correct amount of the order so why does this order sbow as $0.00??????  I can't get a response by email...... This useless company has no telephone support or chat support..........  I just want help.  I either want the money sent to me so I can fulfill my customers order or I want to refund them..  I am disgusted and lost and would never in a million years recommend shopify.    No support whatsoever....  completely worthless and terrible treatment of their merchants.....   They inflict intentional Injury upon their sellers by stealing their money for their own personal gain with ZERO JUSTIFICATION AND DONT RESPOND TO EMAILS IN WEEKS UPON WEEKS UPON WEEKS UPON WEEKS AND HAVE NO TELEPHONE OR CHAT SUPPORT FOR IMMEDIATE SUPPORT AND SO MERCHANTS USING THIS PLATFORM RUN THE RISK OF LOSING CUSTOMERS BECAUSE WE CAN'T GET ANSWERS.....

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