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I've had my store for over a month now and never had any issue with shipping,
Today I added some bigger prints to my store and create a new profile for them since I have to ship them using a different box and overall setup.
I updated my ''default'' package and setup my profile to use Canada post Shipping rate.

I tried made some fake orders to makes sure everything looked right and noticed,
While the canadian rates works for the new items, the international and US options shows up showing I do not ship to their country/location.
However I do have both ''rest of the world'' and USA setup with canada post shopify rate.
I have no idea why this would be happening.

My other items using my own rates are still working fine.


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this is something related to your shipping zones or shipping profiles. you might have done it in the wrong way. reach me out through email. i can solve this problem


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Actually i found what's wrong
It had to do with my new default package used to calculate shipping from.

Shopify says : The total of the length, width, and height can't be above 84 inches.
The total usually means an addition which is very strange, because my packaged was now 18x3x3 (18+3+3) = 24 which would be totally fine.
However this seems to be what's causing the problem, When I added back my old default packaged (9x12x0.2) I had no issue at all.
I have no idea how shopify actually calculate which package size is acceptable or not at this point.
I Replaced my default package by a 12 × 12 × 5 inch box which  is technically a lot bigger than me 18x3x3 I was using before, and now it's been working fine.

I thought maybe my packaged size was not accepted by Canada post which would explain why nothing was working. But I used Canada post online tool to send a package and I could send it without any issue and even called their customer service to confirm.

So yah the issue has been fixed and the problem found. But I'm not sure why this is even a problem at all