Toggling customer payment methods based on tags or order details

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I would like to offer certain payment methods like bank deposit/transfer only to customers/orders to meet certain criteria. This would give me the option to allow trusted customers or businesses to pay at a later moment but require new customers to pay normally. The most useful implementation would be using customer tags since i can manage these tags using advanced registration apps, but changing payment options based on order amount or selected shipping method would already be an improvement.


One solution i saw was changing the checkout.liquid layout in the store code, but this requires a Shopify plus account which i do not possess. On community posts i saw that others had similar issues as me and that the issues would be communicated to the development team. A few examples:

Example 1. @Dirk 

Example 2.

Example 3. @Nick 


Does anyone know if this feature is still being worked on and planned for the future updates? If anyone has faced the same issues as me and has found a solution, app, or workaround i would love to hear so.





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Hello Stan,


Recently i have posted on a article that have same question as you have. 



i hope you find it. 


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Hi Stan,


You can use PayRules: Hide Payment Methods app to toggle the payment methods based on customer tags, order amount or shipping methods. Let's see how we can show Bank Deposit option only to your trusted customers using customer tag. First you can give your trusted customers a specific tag then follow the steps below:


  1. Choose Bank Deposit from the Select payment methods field.
  2. Select Hide if not found under the Customer tags field.
  3. Now enter the customer tag (trusted for example) under the Customer tags field.




Now only the customer with the trusted tag will see the Bank Deposit option at checkout. Hope it helps.