Transaction Type: Reserved Funds

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can some provide an info regarding this transaction type? reserved funds with negative and positive at the same time? shopify help centre has no info regarding this matter...

additional context: from April 18-28, I got a red-banner on my dashboard that my payouts are on hold. support emailed me on April 27 requesting for the documents, submitted all of them on the 28th. The Red Banner was gone on my dashboard but my payouts are still on-hold under Payout Transactions... contact chat support yesterday and he can't explain anything, and told me to just wait for the email. Any light on how to read the image above?


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Hi! Were you able to receive the payouts under the Transaction Type: "Charge"? What is the status of your payouts now as I'm curious as well since my payouts are being held to reserved funds according to the email I received. I would highly appreciate your reply in this matter. Thank you!!

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My funds are being reserved now as well!! Did you find any answer or resolution to this??

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Same thing - i have had two successful payments from STRIPE via Shopify but suddenly they now hold over £850 which is concerning. Why the sudden brake?