Transit Times Depending on Shipping Origin

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We have multiple warehouses in different countries but all goods will ship to customers via our UK warehouse.


We have set up locations for the other warehouses but I can't seem to control transit times for each shipping origin. On the UK warehouse origin it allows me to change Transit times. However, I can't change the transit times for our overseas origins - they all end up being the same as the UK one.


The reason for this is that the goods would ship from an overseas warehouse to our UK warehouse first and then be sent to the customer. This would need an additional transit time to cover the time it takes between the two warehouses. Is this possible to configure?


Many thanks

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Hello @goat6323 ,


Shopify does not offer the capability to configure Expected Delivery dates on a per-country basis.


Alternatively, you can disable the "Expected Delivery" option in your Shopify settings and include the delivery estimate in the service name.

For example, you can name it "Standard Delivery: 2-3 business days" for one shipping zone and "Express Delivery: 1-2 business days" for another.


Another option is to use Carrier Calculated Rates. In this case, estimated rates will be displayed based on real-time estimations provided by the carrier. Ensure that you are using an app that supports Shopify fulfillment locations instead of the default location. Shopify automatically assigns an order fulfillment location based on your stock and location. The app should utilize this location to calculate the estimated delivery dates.

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