Transitioning to Shopify

Transitioning to Shopify

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We are looking to transition our store from Maropost to Shopify and we have the following questions and hope that someone can assist.

  1. Is it correct that Shopify charges 1% transaction for each app that is installed? Does this apply to every app or only selected apps? (I've read this in an article that did a comparison between Maropost and Shopify)
  2. Does Shopify allow for integratation with Australia Post E Parcel and processing orders in bulk?
  3. Can someone please clarify fees for selling in other markets? For example, we are looking to be on Shopify Advanced Plan and we are currently selling in Australia, UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. 
  4. We currently have an ebay and Catch integration. Is that something that Shopify supports? If so, will this be an additional cost to our monthly plan?
  5. I note that the first month on Shopify is $1. Is there any additional time offered to our developer – to transition our current website from Maropost to Shopify? It may take more than a month to do this as we have a lot of products and content.
  6. In terms of shipping/checkout – is there an option on Shopify to allow customers to see estimated delivery time, based on their address?
  7. We currently use Stripe as a payment gateway but we would consider transitioning to Shopify Payments. Does anyone has any feedback in terms of Shopify Payments? Is is available to Australian stores?

I appreciate that we have a lot of questions, but these things need to be checked before we actually make a final decision to move to Shopify.


Thank you in advance.


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1. No, that depends from app to app.
2. Yes
3. You can seld on all markets but not sure about fees you can check that wit shopify.
4. That can be integrated.
5. You can create store trough shopify partners and there you have unlimited time to set-up and develop your store before you start paying.
6. Yes, there is a loot of custom integrations for that
7. I think tey are available in Australia, but you also can integrate same stripe

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Thank you so much for your replies and responding to each question. I really appreciate it. We have someone helping with data migration but we may need assistance from Shopify Partner in relation to custom features/design etc. If you could email with your details and examples of sites that you have worked on, that would be appreciated. Many thanks.