Trouble with different shipping cost for variants

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Hi, i have a problem. I sell poster on my Shopify store and shipping them in paper tubes. 

For example: When a customer buy a poster 20x30 the shipping cost is 60 SEK and 115 SEK for 30x40 size.
Now the problem: For the moment if the customer buy both 20x30 and 30x40 the shippings cost is 175 SEK but I want that the shipping cost to be 115 SEK because we send both the 20x30 and 30x40 poster in same larger paper tube.

Does anyone know how to achievement that? Is the only solution to use some app for that or can I use Shipping profiles?

Thanks for any help.

Regards Daniel

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Hi @IdealDesign 

You should be able to adjust the shipping cost manually based on the product using "conditions".

Go to: Settings -> Shipping & Delivery -> under shipping go to "Manage Rates" -> Under "Shipping to" click "Add Rate".  

Under "Add Rate", you will see a button called "Conditions", here you can add different shipping costs based on item/cost.


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Hi @rockiey2k 

Thank you for your answer, but I have already done that, I have different shipping cost on the different size of posters but I want "Shopify" to choose the highest shipping cost if the customer have choose a poster 20x30 that cost 60 sek I shipping cost and 30x40 that have 115 in shipping cost. (I also have bigger poster size that also have a higher shipping cost) So it not only two shipping cost alternatives.

Regards Daniel

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Hey @IdealDesign,

This cannot be done using Shopify's shipping profiles since they only let you assign different shipping costs based on product groups, but don't have any conditional-based logic.

We have a large number of merchants using Intuitive Shipping for selling posters, since this exact scenario tends to happen. I encourage you to work with our team by emailing or booking a demo since depending on your preferences, there can be quite a few of rules to apply to get your desired results. For example, how many posters can fit into each tube? If someone orders 18 posters, will they get free shipping? etc.


Warm regards,

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