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My PayPal account was locked because Shopify asked them for "Reference Transactions."  


When you have PayPal Express activated on your store, Shopify asks PayPal for Reference Transactions approval on your behalf when it detects that you're actively using an app that charges customers automatically. 


What app am I using that requires this? I'm not selling subscriptions or any post sale upgrades that requires automatic payments. I put my store on password protect until this is resolved. My payments are set to Manual Capture. How do I undo this mess? Thank you

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Your Paypal account isn't locked, Shopify has disabled your Paypal Express checkout.  This just happened to me as well, been selling on here for 7+ years.  For some reason Shopify thinks I have an app installed the does automatic payments (I don't) so they sent a request to Paypal for approval to take them.  Why all of a sudden today???  While that approval is pending Shopify shuts down your entire Paypal Express checkout (this is what chat support told me).  Business dead if that's the only processor you are using.  You need to contact Shopify support through chat and get them to escalate it to tech support.  That's currently what I'm doing.  What a mess....  Paypal can't help unless you want to get approved for Reference Transactions.  This is a Shopify created issue.