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Is there a way to turn off the customer notifications that are sent automatically when a sale is made, or an item is shipped, etc? As an artist, each sale is unique and each item goes through a different process from sales to fulfillment. As such, I would like each of my customer notification emails to be unique. The trouble seems to be that Shopify will send automatic notifications to the customer, often stating something inaccurate (such as the item is being shipped, when in fact the artwork is being printed), then I will send an email to the customer (by clicking the email address of the customer within the Shopify system) to provide an accurate update. The customer is then confused by receiving multiple conflicting emails.


I see that Shopify provides checkboxes to turn on/off certain customer notifications, but the majority do not seen to have a way to be turned off. Is there a way to turn off all the other customer notifications?

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When a sale is made (order confirmation), I don't think there's a way to turn it off, and you probably wouldn't want to, since most online shopping experiences you receive a confirmation when you place an order.

If you have emails sending with inaccurate information about shipping, to solve that you can:

a) Edit the notification templates Settings > Notifications

b) Deselect the box to notify customer in the order details page (for example when making fulfillment or shipping actions)

c) If you're using a 3rd party connected to fulfillment, they can choose whether to have the fulfillment notification trigger or not, so if they're triggering it, just ask them not to.

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