Turning off Shipping Emails for Dropship Orders Only

Turning off Shipping Emails for Dropship Orders Only

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Hello All, 


Is there anyway to turn off shipping confirmation emails for only dropshipped products?


My store sells both dropshipped and from our own warehouse. We get a lot of calls from people who have ordered dropship items who think their order shipped within the same day they ordered, but we just fulfilled it on the back end and sent the order to the correct drop shipper. 


To further clarify, if I am not making sense, as soon as our shipper is able to put in the dropship order with our dropshipper, he fulfills the order on shopify, which then sends out an email notifying the customer that their item has shipped. Which is wrong. 


If there is no solution to this, what work arounds are there? Auto emails stating their order has been placed with the dropshipped and to look out for emails from them and not from us?


Im curious to know what others do in this situation!


Thank you!

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The standard flow for dropshipped products that are connected to your Shopify store as a fulfillment service is this:


1) Order comes into Shopify, you click request fulfillment (or use an app like Order Automator to automatically request fulfillment based on rules)

2) This changes the order status to In-Progress and notifies the fulfillment service. No email is sent to the customer

3) When the fulfillment service ships it, they update Shopify tracking + mark fulfilled, then the customer gets notified.


If that isn't how your system works, I would contact the dropshipper to ask them about it.


Another thing you can check, when you manually click request fulfillment in Shopify it asks you if you want to send the shipping confirmation. You could experiment with not checking that box. Maybe the way your system is set up, the shipping confirmation gets sent on fulfillment anyways, and you need to deselect it during "request fulfillment".


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If you can distinguish dropshipping orders and use a third-party email marketing tool (not Shopify's), you may set a certain rule to avoid sending shipping confirmation emails for dropshipping products. However, you must have a technical team to help you with the integration since you will need to send automated emails with variables that need to be pulled from different systems.

Nevertheless, not sending emails for dropshipping products may affect your customer experience because there might be regular customers who order dropshipping products from your store. 🤔 


Normally, if you use a Shopify order tracking app, the service provider will send confirmation emails on your behalf when the status is changed to "Fulfilled" and a tracking number is available. You won't need to bother with the settings. This means you can have email notifications without having to pay extra for an email marketing tool. Kill two birds with one stone! 🤓


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