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Ugent! I need a way to use iDeal and SEPA recurring payments in combination with Spotify Payments!

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Hello there,

We have a problem. For weeks we are trying to make iDeal possible as a payment option for a subscription based product we sell. Local payment options are not possible, says Shopify, for a subscription based product. But iDeal is the #1 payment option in the Netherlands. Recharge says btw that SEPA and iDeal needs to work with Stripe but Stripe is not available because Shopify Payments is at play in the Netherlands. 

We are currently working with the Recharge app for recurring payments and we got the SEPA through Mollie. We have a deadline coming up so this got te fixed ASAP for us. 

Does anyone have an idea how to fix a subcription based product with recurring payments through SEPA and iDeal?

Thanks in advance!


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Many people (like you and me) are waiting for this. As far as I know, the current options you have are using 3rd party software like Firmhouse (Dutch) or ReCharge. The downside is FH is expensive and ReCharge as well (less) but only integrates with Stripe and not Mollie. FH does integrate with Mollie.
If you or others found a solution I'm curious to learn what it is. 

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Hi @Wvv @odeparfum 


Did you find a solution for this manner?