UK Postcode Restriction for Local Delivery - Using the Buy Button, not a Shopify Store

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I'm really hoping somebody can help as I've been all around the houses trying to sort this out today.


Our e-commerce is set up using the Shopify Buy Button, not hosted as a shop through Shopify's own website. The store is set up to offer free local delivery for a variety of postcodes (which are dictated by a local courier company). I have input these postcodes into the Local Delivery section on the Shopify website - so far so good. 


The problem is that because of the UK format of postcodes, there's no way to stop Shopify pulling through postcodes that begin in the same way as an eligible postcode, but aren't actually eligible. For example, we DO offer free shipping to BS1 postcodes, but not BS11. Shopify can't distinguish between BS1 1TX and BS11 6XT, and thinks that since they both begin 'BS1', they should both be eligible.


I've been advised by Shopify support chat that there is no way around this within Shopify's own system, but that we can fix this using an App. The recommended app was called Easy Shipping Restrictions, but this app is only compatible with companies that have an online store with Shopify.


So, please can anybody recommend an app for UK postcodes that is compatible with a company that uses the Buy Button?


Any advice very gratefully received! 



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Hi ARH2020 - was this ever fixed? We are looking for a way to manage free local delivery but haven't set it up yet. I can see there are a lot of posts and comments about this but can't see whether it was solved. We don't want to spend more money on an app which seems to be the answer to almost every question on here. 


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I know you prefer to not use an app, but I do think there's an app that solves you problem and it's not pricey, checkout MapIt: