UK sellers - HS codes for export

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To all UK sellers who, like me, are struggling to make sense of the requirement for HS codes - please feel free to add useful codes to this thread. I have quite a range of items I sell and looking up these is driving me nuts!

I'm looking for codes for multi-material craft kits?

Regards, J


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Hi J,


It provides hs codes for import and export and is easy to use by a non customs person. It's free for the first 10 or so codes but you do need to create an account.

There is also a paid expert service for unusual classifications and general advice.

If you are importing the goods it's your responsibility to get the hs/commodity code correct.  Import duty is dependant on the hs code and the items Origin (according to the "rules of origin"). Basically where the item was made not where it was shipped from.

Hope this is useful.