Unable to connect bank with Plaid, what can be done?

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HELP!   We are attempting to connect our bank with Plaid and cannot.  We've spent days working with our bank and they can't fix from their end.  Here is the last exchange and advice from them:

"Not sure what that could be but when clients ran into a similar issue trying to connect to Venmo using Plaid, Plaid provided us with a work around.


The user would reach out to Venmo Support team and let them know they are unable to connect via Plaid due to a "Connectivity not supported" error and request that Shopify enables Plaid's Automated Micro-deposits Auth flow/product in their (Venmo) application. If Venmo enables the Automated Micro-deposits product, this would allow the user to connect via Plaid in Venmo.


I just looked at a few videos and corresponded virtually to see what could be the issue and the Support Team said unsupported account types (you have the correct account type so you are good there). They also said bad credentials. I will continue to do research on my end, but our suggestion will be to reach to Shopify Tech Support and let them know you are receiving a connection error perhaps they have a work around otherwise I try Plaid."

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