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I have a wholesale, hospitality customer who wants their customers to be able to purchase through our website, bring their receipt to the desk, and then fulfill the order at their desk. How do I set select products to do this? I don't want our order and fulfillment team to receive the order. Is this possible?

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Couple ideas:

1) You could create a new location and set the specific products to be inventory managed by the new location. Then instruct your fulfillment team / partner to not fulfill items from that location.

2) Or if you want the whole order to be ignored, you could tag these orders, and instruct team / fulfillment to ignore those orders. If you don't want to manually tag the orders, you can use Order Automator to automatically tag orders that contain certain products. You could even attach a notification to the tag, sending a notification to the wholesale customer's team when these orders come in.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I'll definitely look into that idea and see if that would work for us.