UPS 2 Day Air not an option after disabling UPS Ground

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I want to only allow customers to purchase perishable goods with UPS Next Day Air or 2nd Day Air. I created a shipping profile with only those two services. However, customers within a two day delivery range are only seeing an option for Next Day Air. I suspect Shopify is intending to have the customer use UPS Ground, however I have UPS ground disabled.


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How can I ensure that UPS Next Day Air and UPS 2nd Day Air are always shown to the customers?


I've further tested this and removed the Next Day Air option leaving only 2nd Day Air as an option. I get this message if a customer is within a 2 day estimate via UPS Ground. If they are beyond a 2 day estimate, 2nd Day Air appears as an option. 


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I don't believe Shopify uses such intricate logic to offer UPS 2 Day Air based on the two-day estimate.  You may reach out to Shopify Support for assistance.


If you have your own UPS account, you can try the PH Multi Carrier Shipping Label app

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