UPS Quotes less than Labels Cost

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For the past few months every time a customer checks out it charges them $.40 - $2 less than the label ends up costing me.


It used to be some would be lower and some would be higher but now it is very consistent that I lose money on every label. Not sure how to change this. Shopify says it's a UPS problem. UPS says it sounds like Shopify's problem. I don't want to have to start doing flat rate. I'd rather it just work how it is supposed to.


Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.


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Here's where I'd start:

  • Check the weight and dimensions of your products are accurately entered.
  • Verify that the shipping services and rates provided by Shopify are correctly set up and match your shipping provider’s (UPS) rates.
  • Conduct a few test orders with varying weights and destinations to compare the rates shown at checkout with the actual rates charged by UPS. This can help identify if there’s a consistent discrepancy.
  • UPS may apply additional surcharges or fees that are not being factored into the Shopify rates. Review your UPS invoices for any extra charges that might not be visible at checkout.
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This is what Shopify has been saying but the problem is that these are not adjustments made after the fact. So I know it is not #4. There seems to be a disconnect between the UPS API for quoting and whatever I am being billed by Shopify.


In regard to #1: If I change the box size dimensions or weight it seems to make no difference and the difference just scales with the new price. Our packages are almost always 1lbs and under any dimension requirements. I even upped the box size and weight significantly and still cannot get the prices to match. It seems like the disconnect is between APIs quoting vs charging. I have all the weights and things entered correctly on products.


I get dozens of orders per day with varying weights and I am very consistently losing money on every label.


Could you expand on how to trouble shoot bullet #2?

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Hello @malort ,


Check your settings and ensure that your "From" address and product weight are configured correctly.


Another known issue with Shopify Shipping is that it does not support accurate box packing. You have only one fixed box dimension. If you are using different boxes to ship, then you will not get accurate rates.

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Ok above is the average discrepancy between what I am paying and what I am charged. Mind you I made no changes on my end whatsoever to the default package size or changes in product weights during this time. What is going on??