UPS Shipping Rates Giving Error at Checkout

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I manage a site that has three shipping profiles: General, UPS only, and USPS only. These all ship to the same shipping zone: US & Canada. This was set up so that, for products that the company only ships with a single carrier, the customer won't be able to select the other shipping method. In the general shipping profile, both services are available.

Recently though, products in the UPS only shipping profile are giving an error at checkout (see image below for error message).


When removed from this shipping profile and added back to the general shipping profile, these products no longer have the error but only show up with USPS shipping available (no UPS). After testing other products in the general shipping profile no UPS rates are being offered for those either. I'm thinking something is going on with our site's connection to UPS rates.

Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what could be causing this?


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Hopefully you've already solved this and your store is all set! If not, can you confirm if you are using your own account or Shopify shipping?

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How were you able to fix this, currently having the same issue.